The Wheel of Life (Samsara) Explained

The Wheel of Life is one of the best known subjects in Buddhist art especially Tibetan Art. Since ancient times, it has been used to explain the core of the Dhamma (Buddhist teachings). It is painted on the outside walls of nearly every Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries (temples) and used it as a visual aid to teach Dhamma (Dharma) to a general public.
This was Dhamma discussion topic for our society’s meeting on 22-7-2012 in Slough and 28-10-2012 in Kent.
Acchaya Bajracharya spoke briefly on this subject on 22-7-2012 using a Tanka (Photo of Tanka) recently brought from Nepal on 22-7-2012 with additional comments from Venerable Sumana Bhante.
The six realms described in the wheel of life are the realms one might be reborn according to one’s deeds after death but they can also be experienced in this very life itself depending upon the physical and our mental states. Hence human being can experience all six realms in this very life. The state of mind of every person makes the feeling of heaven or hell in this world itself and no need to wait for rebirth to have that experience.
Further discussion on the Wheel of Life took place on 28-10-2012. Acchaya described it using power point presentation. Every one present appreciated this young man’s effort in trying to explain this deep teaching in Buddhism in simple terms. Saddhu! Saddhu! Saddhu!
For further details see power point presentation.
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