One day meditation and Dana offering for venerable monks at Kingsbury Vihara, London

Our society has been organising this events since January 2012 regularly once every 2-3 months. The last one was held on Sunday, 2-9-2012. It was led by Venerable Bhikkhu Dhammasami, abbot of Oxford Buddha Vihara. Every one appreciated his practical approach to Dhamma practice. Afternoon session with relaxing meditation, talk and meditation on Joyous Feeling in Life was really good. His question and answer session was excellent. His answers to questions raised during the day with illustration from daily lives were not only excellent but some thing we can all use in our daily life. So also his advice to reflect on at least one 'Joyous feeling' from time to time was very helpful. He reminded us most of us most of the time dwell on negative aspects of our life and become miserable. So if you can spend at least some time contemplating on at least one event in your life that make you feel happy it will act as an antidote to our usual habitual pattern of feeling sorry for yourself. It was encouraging to learn that every one who attended meditation showed keen interest in continuing this type of Dhamma practice. Hence after discussion with our society’s president Sumana Bhante we decided that we will organise another one day meditation and Dana offering on Sunday, 25th November 2012. From January 2012 we plan to organise such event third Sunday of every other month. It was also decided that it will be beneficial to invite Venerable Bhikkhu Dhammasami and other experienced Buddhist teachers from time to time to lead the meditation.
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