One day Meditation and Dana offering at Kigsbury Vihara on Saturday, 17th July 2010:

A successful meditation day and Dana offerings to venerable monks at Kingsbury Vihara took place on Saturday, 17th July 2010. Altogether 25 people (3 members of the Sangha and 22 laity) attended the meditation and 9 venerable monks blessed us for Dana offering. Dr. Swayambhu Tuladhar came all the way from Longfield, Kent despite being on call and left Dakshina for the venerable monks. Every one was pleased with the day and felt that we should make it a regular event. Sumana Bhante and Sujan Bhante suggested may be we can have this type of events every two months. Sumana Bhante is happy to arrange it to be held at Kingsbury Vihara and make the room we used more conducive for meditation. Venerable Bhikkhus also suggested we should invite people from other communities like Sri Lankans, Indians, Thais, Burmese etc.
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