Meeting 7-3-2010

7th March 2010: The first executive committee meeting of the society took place on 7th March 2010 afternoon at Sujan and Reema’s residence in Hanwell. All executive committee members, their families, well wishers and visiting guests from Nepal attended the meeting. Venerable Bhikkhu Sumana and Venerable Bhikkhu Sujan administered Panca Sila followed by a brief Samatha bhavana meditation led by Sumana Bhante. Following meditation a DVD of one of the teachings given in Nottingham University during a week long retreat in August 2008 on emptiness by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was shown. He explained how important it is to cultivate wisdom of non-discrimination and also not to be arrogant and have superiority complex for the peace and harmony in the family and in the society. He emphasised that emptiness does not mean non-existent. It only means every thing is interdependent and nothing is inherently existent on its own. When you say flower is empty, it does not mean the flower does not exist. It is there but composes of non flower elements only. It has all other elements but lacks only one thing that is inherently existing flower element. To say a glass is empty or full first the glass has to be there. So emptiness is not negative and does not mean nothing exists. After the dharma discussion business meting took place followed by Paritran chanting for the peace and well being of every one present. Paritran chanting are taken from selected sayings of the Buddha which has soothing and healing qualities to listeners. Meeting ended with Punnanumodana and transferring the merits to departed relatives.
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