Kathina Invitation ceremony and Dana offering 17th July 2016 At Kingsbury Vihara

Our society organised Dana offering and Kathina Invitation ceremony on Sunday, 17th July 2016 at Kingsbury Vihara to formally request Venerable Monks to accept our society’s proposal to cosponsor Kathina and 3 months’ rains retreat this year which was graciously accepted. Kathina Invitation Ceremony was held from 5-7 PM and huge number of Sri Lankans, Nepalese and people from other communities attended the ceremony. As a cosponsor of the Kathina we were responsible for looking after Venerable monks during 3 months’ rains retreat. Accordingly, our members and well-wishers took weekly responsibilities to provide daily requisites to the Vihara as follows: Dana Rota for 3 months Rains Retreat at Kindgsbury Vihara (24 July 2016 to 16 October 2016) 24 July- Ram Babu & Durga 31 July- Dharma & Pramila 7 August- Sukman 14 August- Sujan & Reema 21 August- Dinesh & Rasana 28 August- Ratna & Padma Tara 4 September- Shubha & Nani Shova 11 September- Rajju & Ramila 18 September- Swayambhu & Suchita 25 September- Menika & Dinesh 2 October- Gyalsang and Jolanta Rupa Kariyawasam 9 October- Amrit & Anu 16 October- Mr and Mrs CB Tamang 22 October- Kathina Puja 23 October- Kathina Chivara Dana Puja
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