Essay competition

essay competition An essay competition was held in February 2007 in collaboration with Buddhist Youth Group of Kathmandu, Nepal to mark the Society’s 10th anniversary on following two subjects 1)Importance of Dana, Sila and Samadhi in daily life 2)Buddha Dharma and Human rights Following were declared first, second and third:   A.  Importance of Dana, Sila and Samadhi in daily life:   1st  Luis Maharjan 2nd  Pranesh Shakya   3rd  Shaker Maharjan   B. Buddha Dharma and Hunman rights:
  1st Dr. Kabindra Bajracharya 2nd Sunita Manandhar 3rd Anita Buddhacharya The prize giving ceremony was organised in June 2007 in Nepal which was well attended and successful. Venerable Bhikkhu Aswaghosha and other Bhikkhus also attended the ceremony. This event was kindly sponsored by Greenwich London College. We intend to hold similar essay competition in future
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