Condemnation from LNBDS(UK)on Destruction of Buddha statues in Nepal

It is a matter of serious concern for all of us in the UK to know that some anti-social elements in Nepal destroyed five large statues of the Buddha in Siddhartha Raj Marg, constructed by Tilotama municipality Zone 5 on the road to Lumbini, at midnight on 1 Shrawan 2076 (17 July 2019).

Nepal is known in world as the birthplace of the Buddha and Nepalese are known as peace loving people. It is indeed a great pride to all Nepalese to be honoured as peace loving people which enhanced the image of the country as a whole. Anybody who tarnish the image of the country by destroying or trying to destroy the fabric of social harmony in the country are anti-social element as they are the enemy of peace.

Religious feeling of people of any religion is equally important and these feelings can be protected and promoted by mutual respect to each other’s religions. Any dispute, if there is any, should be resolved by mutual dialogue and agreement. Destroying images/statues of someone’s religious figures cannot destroy the teachings or philosophy of that religion rather it exposes the mentality of the people who are involved in destruction. It not only brands someone as anti-social element but also bring a bad image to the religion he/she belongs to. The world is seeing this as a burning problem in modern time.

We, as the society, thus condemn the destruction of Buddha’s statues and appeal to all to keep restrain at this time to show the true value of civilization. As the Buddha said, “Hatred cannot be overcome by hatred but only by love”, we should practice this in real life. If any anti-social element keeps on trying to spread hatred, they will bear its consequences as bad karma bears bad results. Finally, we request the concerned government to take appropriate action to the culprits and try to maintain the beauty of social fabric. This will ultimately help the tourism of the country which is one of the strong pillars of development of the country.

Lumbini Nepalese Buddha Dharma Society, UK

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