2561st Buddha Jayanti News

This year our society celebrated Buddha Jayanti (2561stth) at the usual venue of Harrow Borough Football Club on Sunday, 28th May 2017. This year also we included children’s programme by including a presentation by our society’s president Venerable Bhikkhu Sumana on the theme of ‘Kalyana Mitra (Spiritual Friend)’and asked the children to do painting based on this presentation on ‘Good Friend and ’Bad Friend’. Just like last year this year also children produced some interesting and wonderful paintings for which they received prizes. One of our executive committee members reminded us last year, “In Nepal, children and animals are very much neglected. But we have realised this problem on the right time and managed to organise something for them. That was very good.” Hence, we are planning to include children’s programme next year as well may be with different activities. Menika, Rinu and Swechya presented two verses from Dhammapada in Pali with English translation. Swechya’s English translation of the meaning and background leading to these verses were awesome. Everyone were impressed by her calm and clear presentation. We are hoping to publish this in our next issue of Magazine for everyone’d benefit. This year we were graced by Venerable Bhikkhu Tissa besides our usual Venerables Sumana, Sujano and Indrasak. Venerable Tissa gave an excellent talk in Nepali which we will be publishing in our next issue of Lumbini. Venerable Sumana gave very inspiring talk on the teaching, “I teach only two things- Suffering and the way out of the Suffering said the Buddha.” Ajahn Sujano conducted meditation session excellently. Everyone practised meditation for about 20 minutes with pin drop silence including children. Our founder president Mr Amrit Ratna Sthapit conducted the programme professionally as a Master of ceremony with translations of the talks either in Nepali or in English as required for the benefit of those who have difficulties in understanding talks in either in Nepali or English The celebration ended with Paritran chanting, distribution of paritran threads and light refreshment kindly provided by generosity of members, well-wishers and friends.
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