2555th Buddha Jayanti Celebration News

Lumbini Nepalese Buddha Dharma Society (UK) celebrated 2555th Buddha Jayanti in the afternoon of Sunday, 22nd May 2011 at the usual venue of Priory Community Centre, Acton, London. The programme started with Buddha Puja, administration of five precepts (Panca Sila) and chanting according to Mahayana tradition. Mr Ganesh P Adhikari representing Nepalese Embassy in London spoke about the Buddha’s message of peace and hoped that Nepal will experience a lasting peace before 2556th Buddha Jayanti. Venerable Bhikkhu Sumana, President of our society gave a talk on one of the important concepts in Buddhism “Applying Dependent Origination in daily life” and Acharya Narayan Rijal from Byoma Kusuma Buddha Dharma Sangha gave an excellent talk on one of the main principles of Mahayana Tradition “Bodhisattva ideal and its benefit”. This was followed by guided meditation by Venerable Bhikkhu Sujan. We introduced question and answer session this year to make the programme more interactive which from the lively discussion we had we felt was much appreciated. We tend to continue this.
Buddha Jayanti 22 May 2011
A short film on Boudhanath courtesy of Min Bahadur Shakya of Nagarjun Institue of Exact Sciences was shown which every one enjoyed. After the film Venerable monks chanted blessing and distributed Paritran threads to those who wished to have it. The programme ended with light refreshment provided generously by members, friend and well wishers. To mark the occasion, the society’s journal LUMBINI 2011 with ‘Main Buddha Statue in Rajakiya Vihara, Lumbini, Nepal in the front cover was released and distributed as a Dharma Dana for the benefit of readers. Pabitra Raj Tuladhar conducted the celebration professionally. Sujan with the help from Ujjwal and other provided excellent sound system. Thanks to everyone’s help and support the celebration went smoothly to every one’s satisfaction. Photos
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