Lumbini Buddha Dharma Society

Buddha was born more than 2600 years ago at Lumbini in Nepal. His teachings of existence of suffering and the way out of the suffering are as applicable today as it was applicable then. The middle way he preached is more appropriate now than ever before.

For centuries Buddhism remained the religion of the East. Recently, more and more Westerners are learning about it and practicing Dharma for spiritual and physical well-being and happiness. As a result of this interest many monasteries and Buddhist organisations have been established in the West, including UK. Most have Asian connections but others are unique to the West e.g. Friends of Western Buddhist Order.

Nepalese, residing in the UK, wishing to practice dharma for their spiritual development, turned to them as they were no such Nepalese organisations. Therefore, a group of Nepalese met in February 1997 and founded Lumbini Nepalese Buddha Dharma Society (UK) to fill this gap. The society is a non-political, non-racial, non-profit making voluntary organisation and open to all, both Nepalese and non-Nepalese, whatever their faith.

Our Aim

  • To make Buddhism known to the wider public and to help them understand the benefits of his profound teachings.
  • To have a forum for the meeting of Nepalese residents in the UK and others with an interest in Buddha Dharma as a spiritual practice for discussion, exchange of ideas, constructive dialogue and to build Nepalese Buddhist community in UK etc
  • To establish links with similar organisations in the UK, Nepal and other countries.
  • To organise voluntary work to help reduce human suffering in Nepal and other countries.
  • To promote and publish religious and cultural heritage of Nepal.

Forthcoming events

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